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Girlguiding Dorset County Ammonite ‘Heroes’ of Spring 2021

Hazel Hart – Parkstone

Hazel has been a unit helper at 5th Parkstone and now Lilliput Brownies where she has a fantastic rapport with all the brownies both face to face and virtually with her calm exterior and her ability to spot any child needing extra support.  She gives ‘incredible support’ to the other leaders with her humour, encouragement and organisational skills.  Hazel undertakes a role to support the modernisation of the Langdon Road Guide Hall to make it more comfortable for guiding units and attract more outside users, getting quotes and overseeing building work ensuring it was completed to a very high standard. Her peers say ‘every unit needs a Hazel’.


Sarah Brooke – Bournemouth

Sarah is a leader with 10th Bournemouth Brownies and is recognised for showing creativity to adapt the brownie programme for her unit virtually whilst also providing high quality resources and activities to do at home for those girls not able to join their virtual meetings.  Parents say that Sarah is enabling the girls to stay connected to guiding by ‘tirelessly whizzing round to their houses on her bike’ to deliver badges and resources, encouraging their daughters to stay motivated and excited about brownies and say that ‘the impact she has made through these difficult and challenging times is incredible’.


Katie Stalker – Wyke

Katie is a leader with 3rd Wyke Regis Guides who is offering a huge variety of activities and adventures for so many guides and supporting countless girls and leaders over those years with endless encouragement.  Her care for individuals shines through along with a passion for encouraging girls and leaders to try new things and challenge themselves with activities from camping too paddle-boarding to raising money for charity.  Katie embraced technology to provide virtual meetings to ensure her guides could still meet and keep guiding which the guides say has kept them ‘encouraged’ and ‘inspired’.


Sam Tarrant – Bournemouth

Sam is a guide leader at 14th Bournemouth guides who believes that the experience gained through Girlguiding gives young people the confidence to try new things, the skills to be independent and a safe space away from the pressures of school.  She is providing amazing virtual guiding to both guides and brownies during the pandemic whilst supporting rainbow leaders to provide the same guiding experience.  Sam has applied for grants and support to ensure the impact on those families is kept to a minimum without compromising on the quality of guiding which the parents say provides ‘imaginative activities which have been enjoyable, informative and rewarding’.



Darryl Fletcher – Yetminster

Darryl is a leader with Yetminster Guides and Rangers and who is known for her support of both girls and leaders alike especially those with special needs and those in need of advice to make a child’s guiding experience as inclusive as possible.  Darryl loves to make activities as fun for the girls as possible and embraced virtual meetings making activities relevant and interesting for the girls including mask making, baking and even a Shakespearean murder mystery!

She is described as a ‘fantastic leader’, the happiest person I know’ and ‘unique’.



Mary Selby – Verwood

Mary is a leader at 3rd Verwood Brownies and is recognised for her inspiring guiding leadership.  Mary has encouraged and inspired endless girls in her brownie unit to try new things, have fun and love the adventures and go on international trips.  She has embraced virtual guiding over the past year with brownies and parents saying that Mary has greeted us each week with a huge smile, enthusiasm and utter joy. We all look forward to Thursday evenings, they are the highlight of the week’. For those unable to join on a virtual platform, Mary creates and delivers packs to do activities at home.  She encouraged another unit to join their meetings and, despite the larger numbers, has shown that she ‘has the  unique ability to make all the children feel special and valued’.


Mary Appleton – Wareham

Mary is a Unit Helper in 1st Wareham Rainbow Unit and is described as the “anchor” and “the glue” that has held the unit together through the transition of several leaders. Mary has a way of bringing out the best in each and every rainbow, encouraging and stretching them to each try new things.  Ever a supporter of the local community, Mary has encouraged the unit to participate in the local carnivals and other events – always showing Girlguiding to the community is a positive and integrated way.





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