Girlguiding launched the current programme in July 2018 and in order to help out Leaders in our County we've created this page of useful links to help you find things on the main National website. If you spot any we've missed then do let us know, sending us a link to the national web page, and we'll add it in. If any of the links are broken, please also let us know.


Programme overview - An introduction to the programme and all its elements including: themes, unit meeting activities, skills builders, interest badges, theme awards, section gold awards and anniversary badges.

Unit meeting activities and skills builders - Find out more about these elements of the programme and how you might use them in your unit.

Interest and anniversary badges - Learn all about our interest badges and anniversary badges, how you can support girls with them and when to award them.

Awards - Delve into the details of theme awards, section gold awards, the Queen’s Guide award and the Commonwealth award. Find out how girls can achieve them and how you can support girls with them.

Unit programme planning - Explore how to create a balanced and varied, girl-led unit programme. Make sure it meets the Five Essentials and help all girls within your unit to fulfil their potential.

Guidance Notes for All Leaders

This is the new version of the Guidance Notes for Leaders and replaces the old sectional versions.

Resources to introduce new programme to girls

Programme Posters - Girlguiding have created posters for each section. There are three posters as follows
- An overview of all the badges in that section divided by theme
- An overview of each of the programme themes
- An overview of what girls need to do to achieve a Theme Award and their Gold Award

UMA & Skills Builder Handout - Again, a training handout but this handy sheet gives you some excellent ideas on how to get your girls to help with the decision making in choosing the UMAs and Skills Builders.

We have a limited selection of UMA and Skill Builder packs available from county office, free of charge (just a p&p fee). Please click on link below to view stock. To order please email

SBs and UMAs available stock

Interest Badge Handout - This handy printable gives girls loads of ideas of ways they could present their badge work to the Leader and the rest of their six or unit.

Explaining the programme to parents

To help explain our new programme to parents, Girlguiding have created handy section-specific information sheets.

Planning your Programme

Unit Programme Planning Checklist - Remember, the girls should choose the activities that form the programme. As leaders, we organise their choices by putting things together in a balanced and varied programme. This easy checklist will help you through the 7 steps to programme planning.

Weekly Record Sheet - This is a template of a way you could choose to record your weekly programme, who has done what, etc. This could then be updated to GO perhaps once a month or half term. You could recruit a parent to do this element of the admin for you!

Sample Termly Programme Planner - This template is one way you could choose to record your termly programme. It was suggested at a training last week that you might like to add a columns for resources to help you remember what you need to pack each week.

Other resources

Participation on a plate - This is a great resource full of ideas on how you can get girls involved in the decision making

Five Essentials - Don't forget the five essentials are still part of our planning.

Educational Framework - This helps girls to develop skills and competencies through their Guiding experience.

Using the programme images, icons & resources

To make sure that the official programme resources, images, badges and communications can be easily identified, members can’t use these in their own materials.

​Girlguiding have provided Leaders with some new clipart which can also be accessed from the links on these pages.