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Lend a Hand

You will all have seen King Charles III’s idea to make Monday 8th May 2023, a Volunteering Day. Starting on this day, everyone is encouraged to give their time, skills and effort to help others. This initiative has been called “The Big Help Out”.

At Girlguiding Dorset, we are always keen to ‘lend a hand’ and hope to encourage girls and leaders to take part and log their volunteering time!

This challenge is a flexible and is one in which all members of Girlguiding Dorset county can take part to do something amazing for others, both in their homes and their wider community.

There is no limit on how much time you spend on volunteering, the more the better! But it would be really great if each member of the county gave at least 1 hour a month between 6th May 2023 and 6th December 2023 – that would mean thay over 28,200 hours will have been given to family and your community.

Please use the certificate for to congratulate and thank each other for the time spent over 6months.

Full challenge details can be found here:-lend a hand challenge

Our volunteering hours can be seen here :-


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