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Grant Application FOGBI 2024


A number of grants are available from Girlguiding Dorset funds.


a) The County Weekend is already subsidised, so no claim can be made for fees

b) Claims for Unit Leaders attending Trainings in the County.The majority of Girlguiding trainings held within Dorset are subsidised by the County. Leaders should remember that trainings are a legitimate expense and can be claimed from unit funds. However, in certain circumstances a grant can be applied for from the County upon completion of the County grant form

c) First Aid Trainings.The County provides the 1st Response training required for the Leadership Qualification therefore Leaders should remember that trainings are a legitimate expense and can be claimed from unit funds.
If a higher qualification is required for a specific role eg:- walking adviser, a grant may be available on a case-by-case basis.

d) Young Leaders
Young Leaders who are working on the Leadership Qualification can claim grants in the same way as adult members.

e) Unit Helpers
Unit Helpers are not expected to attend any ‘out of County’ Trainings.  Should a Unit Helper wish to attend a County Weekend or a similar training where places are limited, then  name would be put on a waiting list until the closing date and they would then be given the first refusal.  A Unit Helper would not be eligible for a grant for any qualification, e.g. First Aid.


Normally Leaders are responsible for buying their own uniforms. A small grant may be available from County.  Leaders should apply, in writing using the Grant application form. However, applications should be made to the Unit/District/Division in the first instance.  Uniform grants are not available to girls


International trips, camps and indoor holidays are part of the programme and it is important that all members have the opportunity to participate in these events.  If home circumstances prevent the full cost being met then a grant may be available from the County.

Girls selected for an International trip may also apply for a grant using the County Grant Application form. Grants will be £200 for a European trip and £300 for a wider world.

Leaders should apply, using the County grant form, to the County Commissioner through their District/Division Commissioners. If this information is not included then the application will be returned.

Leaders selected at the Region Adult INTOPS to be Leader or Assistant Leader of a Region group

As representatives of Girlguiding Dorset, fees for the Region INTOPS weekend will be paid for by the County. Travel costs for Region INTOPS are assessed when the individual leader applies to the County Commissioner for help with travel costs.

A grant is also available towards the cost of the region trip and this should be applied for using the County grant form to the County Commissioner, giving details of costs (including pre trip planning weekends) the schedule of payments, details of any grants awarded etc.

Unit/District/Division/County trips overseas.

Commissioners and Unit Leaders, when they are planning a unit trip overseas must NOT assume that County financial aid is available for such a trip. They must include in their advance planning a series of fundraising events for the trip, involving members of the group planning to travel, as well as researching more local sources of sponsorship or grant aid, e.g. Lions, Rotary, the local Freemason’s lodges. The reference section in the local library should have a copy of the Directory of grant making organisations, which is a very helpful resource.

Hardship grants may be available for individuals participating in a Unit/District/Division/ County trips abroad and will be considered on an individual basis and applied for using the County grant form with all details of the trip.

It is worth bearing in mind that you can give the girls in your unit an International experience by joining in an International Camp in this country. More and more Counties are issuing open invitations: please look at the International section of the Girlguiding website and in Guiding Magazine. However, the same expectation applies: that if a Unit/District/ Division/County group is going to such an event, then fundraising plans must be an integral part of the forward planning.

International Service Team (IST)

Members, when they are applying to be part of an International Service Team must NOT assume that County financial aid is available for such a trip.

Whilst Girlguiding Dorset acknowledges the fact that taking part as a member of an IST is making a contribution to world wide guiding, the person concerned is not representing Girlguiding Dorset per se. However they are offering their time and it is of benefit to the young people in the movement.

A grant may be available for individuals participating as a member of an IST and these will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Members should apply, using the County Grant form, to the County Commissioner through their District/Division Commissioners. Please include name and address, where the event is taking place, how much the fees are etc. If this information is not included then the application will be returned.

  1. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) grant

Edi grants will be considered once a term when a total pot of £250 will be made available.  Units, Districts or Divisions can apply and administered by the finance committee.

Suggestions of grant requests are as below but this is not exclusive.

Equality: Equipment to enable members to access Guiding, training for a specific need

Diversity: Areas to gain access into new communities – e.g. postcards, payment for a stall at a local community event, specific clothing to enable access to religious buildings

Inclusion: Items to enable girls to access day to day Guiding such as books, uniform, small events (not for holidays/camps), Training for a specific need e.g diabetes training, to contribute towards volunteer expenses to enable a 1-2-1 to be with a member.

The grant should be used within 6 months.  If it is not used within 6 months and there are no extenuating circumstances (which must be approved by the committee) the grant must be returned.

You will be asked to feedback to the committee on the impact of the grant at the meeting following use (no later than 1 year after the grant was issued).  If feedback is not received the grant must be returned.

The form for this is held on the website.


If a Leader feels there is a need for extra support for a member of their Unit they should consult their District Commissioner and then, with their approval, write to the County Commissioner giving full details.


These can be claimed using the County Expenses Claim form where all details can be recorded and receipts attached. Forms should be sent to the County Treasurer or via email to and the receipts posted.

Claims can be made as and when required but should be at least annually by 1st September.  Payments will be made via BACS payment wherever possible.

The amount payable to the above personnel will be 45p per mile.

7. Friends of Guiding Brownsea Island (FOGBI)


Friends of Guiding Brownsea Island (FOGBI) exists to provide support and to stimulate more interest in Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.

Brownsea Island is the place where Lord Baden Powell held his experimental camp in 1907 which then led to the foundation of Scouting and Guiding.

FOGBI would like to make visits to Brownsea Island more affordable for any Unit in Dorset that would like to visit (either for a day or for a residential) but would have difficulty funding such a visit.

Applications are invited from Units who need help towards the cost of your National Trust Group membership or towards the cost of ferry fares from Poole to the island.

If your Unit or an individual member of your Unit would benefit from a small grant (of around £50) towards the cost of a visit, then please complete and return the application form (accessed via link below) by post or scanned and emailed .
Please submit further evidence if there are particular financial difficulties that may require additional assistance. All applications are dealt with in confidence.

Please note: A grant cannot be awarded for travel costs to Poole

Grant Application FOGBI 2024