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Newsletter January 2023

Happy New Year from Girlguiding Dorset

It’s 2023 – that came around quickly didn’t it?  

Another new year for us to welcome in and hopefully one where we grow our leadership team and the number of girls to whom we can offer the opportunity of Girlguiding within the County.

In January the commissioners and County team will be meeting to discuss the plan for 2024 whilst reviewing the plan for 2023. Hopefully your divisions have discussed International opportunities with all those who are eligible – if not and you have a Young Leader in your unit or Guides who are interested but not involved please contact your DC as soon as possible.

Obviously with the new year comes the reminder that  as well as Thinking Day, subscriptions will be due on February 22nd.  Please keep an eye out for the dates that we can check lists of girls but more importantly get your Go up to date.  Your total subs costs will vary depending on what your district or division choose to add in order to keep the area running but the base figure (HQ, Region and County) is £48.50 per member.

PLEASE speak to your commissioner urgently if you will have issues but remember the region grants.

LisaCounty Commissioner

Coming soon – introducing our pre-loved uniform shop

We’re very excited to be launching a trial of our pre-loved uniform shop as part of a county-wide initiative to reduce, reuse and recycle and to make guiding affordable for every family. If you have any items you wish to donate from the current uniform collection, please email the County Office office@girlguidingdorset.org.uk

Items can include Rainbows – Rangers and Leaders and Trefoil too.  We’d appreciate it if items are freshly washed. Thank you!   You will be able to browse a full list of all the uniform, accessories and prices online as soon as it is available.


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