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Newsletter October 2023

It’s October – the nights are drawing in and Halloween is upon us.  

Whether you celebrate this time of year as part of your faith, or you are strictly a plastic skeleton and fake cobwebs kind of person, it’s a good time to address those things we find a little bit scary.


Here are a couple of suggestions for things that I have been told are scary:-

Scary 1 – Writing an award nomination is scary because if I write how I feel it will all be splayed across a piece of paper for the person to see. 

Answer: Not so.  Your nomination will be taken with others and, if approved, will be amalgamated into a representation of what that person has done.  So, for example:

Flossy helped me when I was needing a friend to support me because I was the only person in my unit and feeling the pressure becomes…

…Flossy is a good friend, helping others in times of need.

Scary 2 – Joining the county team. I can’t join the county team – you all have so much experience – I don’t know everything!

Answer: no, me neither!  We all learn as we go along.  We all started (and most still are) unit leaders.  We have some knowledge but things change regularly so we are all really adept at looking things up.  

Consider one of the available roles on the website – go on you know you want tooooo.

What other Guiding things do you think are scary?  Let us know and see if we can allay your fears.

Some leaders took a leap of faith to join us at the GAW camp at Dudsbury.  Set up to encourage people to take their licence 4 units and several leaders attended to either update or do a bit of camping training.  Despite the rain for striking the camp there was lots of positive feedback and we hope to hold a similar event next year.

I’m looking forward to sharing our 2024 plans with you all shortly.  The team have come up with some great ideas to make 2024 our best year yet.

I hope to see some of you at a variety of trainings that are planned – do come up and say hello.

Catch up soon


County Commissioner

Event and Training Calendar

From First Response training  and risk assessments to commissioners responsibility for finances, understanding Go and team building…

… why not take a look at the up coming events this autumn/winter.

First Response Training 16th December 

Who this event is for: Adult Volunteers

When: Saturday 16th December 2023 

Time: 9am/09:00 to 4pm/16:00

Where: County Office

Cost: £12.50

Please register by 1st December 2023

Approving REN forms and Risk Assessments

Who this event is for: Adult Members, Commissioners

When: Wednesday 25th October 2023  7pm – 9pm (19:00 – 21:00)

Where: County Office

Cost: FREE

What you will cover…

  • What to look for on the REN and risk assessment, adult roles, first response, ASS, ratios home contact, timing and when to say no
  • The online REN form

Training aimed primarily at new commissioners but open to all

Find out more or book your space now

Understanding the commissioners responsibility for finances

Who this event is for: Adult Volunteers, Commissioners

When: Saturday 2nd December  9am for 9.30 start until 11.30 (09:00 – 11:30) 

Where: County office 

Cost: FREE

What you will cover…

  • Understanding the commissioners responsibility for finances
  • Finance policy in relation to division, district and units
  • Banking
  • End of year review, assist and liabilities, when to escalate issues and to whom.

Click here to save your space now

Coming soon: Understanding GO for commissioners and how to build a team

Who this event is for: Adult Members, Commissioners

What you will cover…

  • Looking up unit information running reports to show units without 1st response and ASS3, leader details, reports answering commissioner questions
  • What to look for when building your team.

Date: To be confirmed – please come back to this page to check

We Are Recruiting: County Awards Committee Administrator

We are delighted to announce a new volunteer opportunity of a County Awards Committee Administrator within Girlguiding Dorset County.

Is this the role for you?

If you have an interest in the recognition of excellence within Girlguiding and have great organisational and communication skills, please contact Lisa Upward, County Commissioner at lisa@girlguidingdorset.org.uk.

For the full role description, visit our website to find out more.

Applications are Now Open!

We are very pleased to be able to announce that applications for the 2024National Scout and Guide Symphony Orchestra (NSGSO)and National Scout & Guide Concert Band (NSGCB) course are now open.

If you would would like to know more, please visit our website or to apply for the 2024 NSGSO or NSGCB course, please visit nsgso-nsgcb.com.

Many thanks,

Alice Coomer

NSGSO and NSGCB Coordinator (Publicity)


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