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Rainbow Bronze, Silver and Gold

Rainbow Darcy Gets Bronze, Silver and Gold

The 1st Broadwindsor Rainbows  had a wonderful outdoor meeting at Bernards’ Place.
They made masks out of leaves that have started to fall from the trees. Barn Owl, Emma House (photographed) presented many badges that had been achieved during Lockdown. However the most special of all was the BronzeSilver and final Gold award – the hardest award to gain in each section and it all went to one very determined Rainbow.
The Rainbow photographed is young Darcy who has worked extremely hard to achieve this. Barn Owl Emma said “She completed all 12 interest badges, 6 skills builders, 180 minutes of unit meeting activities and 6 theme badges as well as 3 elements to be awarded her gold.  As a leader it was certainly a very proud moment.

Congratulations Darcy – Well done!

1st Broadwindsor Rainbows is for girls aged 5-7 yrs.
Please contact Emma at emmahouse@btconnect.com

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